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Watch New Yorkers Share Stories of Those They Lost to COVID-19

Hundreds gathered virtually to celebrate the lives of New Yorkers as part of THE CITY’s MISSING THEM Project. It’s part of a growing, ongoing movement to memorialize the many killed by the virus.

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When It Comes to Special Education, What’s Working and What Isn’t? Let’s Talk About it at the Next Open Newsroom

THE CITY and Chalkbeat New York are bringing together parents, teachers, advocates and experts to discuss finding solutions to help vulnerable New York City public school students facing a lack of legally mandated services amid the pandemic.

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MISSING THEM: A Three-Day Event to Honor the Memories of New Yorkers Lost to COVID-19

Join THE CITY online Dec. 11-13 to tell and listen to stories about those felled by the coronavirus. The goal: to remember and celebrate lives at a time when the pandemic has changed the way we say goodbye.

Sign Up to Receive Updates About Rent or Employment via Email or Text

The Open Newsroom, THE CITY’s collaborative local journalism project, is heading to your inbox and phone with news to use on two crucial issues heightened by the pandemic.

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We’re Tackling Questions on Rent, Jobs and Food Access at the Next Open Newsroom. Join Us

The Open Newsroom is back beginning this week with a lineup of experts to help attendees navigate issues during the pandemic. The sessions are online — and they’re free.

Questions About Accessing Food, Paying Rent, Finding a Job During the Pandemic? Let’s Talk