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No More Remote Classes Next School Year: What You Need to Know

Will there be testing? Can teachers still get exemptions? What about social distancing in classrooms? Here’s the latest from Mayor de Blasio, who announced the major change on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."

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NYC to Pay $500 to Nearly 1,000 Parents to Address Mental Health Needs at Schools

The city Department of Education is launching a mental health training program in May for parents, paying them $500 to become "wellness ambassadors" in their communities.

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6 Families on What It Will Take for Fully Remote Students to Return to School

Here’s how some families are weighing the decision about whether to return kids to their physical classrooms.

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Meet Meisha Ross Porter, New York City’s New Schools Chancellor

The first Black woman to head the nation’s largest public school system rose through its ranks. She’s facing enormous challenges as she replaces Richard Carranza — starting with getting high schools reopened.

Students with Disabilities Turned Away From NYC’s Free Pandemic Child Care Program

The $93 million Learning Bridges program was supposed to give priority to kids with special needs amid COVID-spurred school shutdowns. But parents said they were shunted aside, time after time. 

Proposed Reforms to School Policing Would Limit Arrests, Use of Handcuffs and Hospital Transfers

City Council members are considering a slate of bills Thursday meant to significantly change the role of school policing.

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One in Four NYC Students with Disabilities Missing Out on Mandated Special Education Services, Data Shows

The latest figures indicate the education department is struggling to serve some tens of thousands of children with special needs during the pandemic.

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NYC’s Troubled Special Education Complaint System Gets Federal Monitor

A federal judge approved a "special master" to ensure that the city quickly complies with legal orders to provide special education services after parents win them through an administrative hearing process.

Enrollment in NYC Schools is Down 4% Amid the Pandemic. How Many Students Has Your School Lost?

New York City’s public schools lost more students this year than in the previous 14 years combined.

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Steep Drop in Babies and Toddlers with Disabilities Getting Early Intervention Services During Pandemic

The findings mirror a decline in referrals for special education services among school-age students and offer another grim window into how kids with disabilities have struggled during the COVID-19 crisis.