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First Day of In-Person Classes Brings First Test for New York City Schools

The city’s online COVID health screening form crashed. Suspected virus cases hit at least two schools. Attendence was down. But many students, wearing masks, returned for the first all in-person classes in 18 months.

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All Young Students Will Get Literacy Screening This School Year. Then What?

Educators hope sizing up reading skills for nearly 200,000 K-2 students will help catch those who need extra help. Yet many reasons why kids fall behind early persist.

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Schools’ COVID Safety Plan Has Less Testing, Remote Learning for Quarantined Kids

With less than three weeks remaining before schools reopen for a million students, New York City officials on Thursday revealed a suite of safety protocols including coronavirus testing and classroom closure policies.

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How Cuomo Influenced New York Schools, From COVID to ‘Free College’

In over a decade in office, the outgoing governor clashed with Mayor Bill de Blasio, revealed an aggressive reform agenda only to pull back in the face of backlash — and resisted massive increases in education spending only to relent.

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Some NYC Healthcare Workers Face Vaccine Requirements or Weekly Tests. Teachers Could Be Next

After announcing that certain healthcare workers would be required to get vaccinated or submit to weekly coronavirus testing, Mayor Bill de Blasio is now considering the same for other city workers, including teachers, he said Wednesday.

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Eric Adams Faces a Schooling on Major New York City Education Issues

Will the presumed next mayor be friendly to charter schools? How will he get along with educator unions that didn’t endorse him? How will he tackle integration? Here’s a look at how it could all shake out.

School-Based Vaccine Program Kicks Off This Week in Bronx, de Blasio Announces

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No More Remote Classes Next School Year: What You Need to Know

Will there be testing? Can teachers still get exemptions? What about social distancing in classrooms? Here’s the latest from Mayor de Blasio, who announced the major change on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."

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NYC to Pay $500 to Nearly 1,000 Parents to Address Mental Health Needs at Schools

The city Department of Education is launching a mental health training program in May for parents, paying them $500 to become "wellness ambassadors" in their communities.

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6 Families on What It Will Take for Fully Remote Students to Return to School

Here’s how some families are weighing the decision about whether to return kids to their physical classrooms.