Animal shelter operators and other advocates say a surge in people abandoning their pets in the pandemic has made for a hairy situation. But pet shop representatives say their efforts to come up with solutions to the problem have fallen on deaf ears.
Proposed measure from Brooklyn City Councilmember Shahana Hanif seeks animal freedom a high-profile lawsuit failed to achieve.
The city’s live bird markets and slaughterhouses are, well, playing chicken with animal rights organizations pushing to permanently ban new operations here.
A new state law will end store sales of those furry friends next December.
Surrender of the rodents to shelters spiked during the pandemic after people who adopted them to stave off loneliness abandoned them.
Campylobacter is a gastrointestinal bug that can come from eating raw or undercooked poultry. About 50 cases have been reported so far to city health authorities.
The number of pet guinea pigs exploded during the pandemic as New Yorkers sought to stave off loneliness indoors. Now, it’s a problem.
The city’s animal care agency and other nonprofits are increasing efforts to pair pet owners with the resources they need to hang on to their furry friends when money is tight and housing can’t be found.
Rat poison appears to be playing a role in the demise of creatures like Central Park’s beloved Barry the Owl, necropsy reports obtained THE CITY show. But causes of death aren’t always clear — including a duck that may have drowned in Queens.
The beloved barred owl who died last month in Central Park, had a potentially lethal level of rat poison that could have impaired her flying abilities before her crash, according to a state necropsy obtained by THE CITY.
NYC groups that organize animal adoptions from around the world say COVID-19 travel restrictions have made international transportation costly where not impossible.
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A months-long ASPCA halt on procedures to prevent pregnancies among New York City’s roaming cats has helped fuel a kitten explosion. Meanwhile, some owners have abandoned their pets.