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What’s Killing Hawks, Owls, Ducks and Squirrels in New York City Parks?

Rat poison appears to be playing a role in the demise of creatures like Central Park’s beloved Barry the Owl, necropsy reports obtained THE CITY show. But causes of death aren’t always clear — including a duck that may have drowned in Queens.

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Barry The Owl Was Poisoned Before Central Park Truck Hit Her

The beloved barred owl who died last month in Central Park, had a potentially lethal level of rat poison that could have impaired her flying abilities before her crash, according to a state necropsy obtained by THE CITY.

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Dog Rescues Curbed by Surging Global Travel Costs Driven by Pandemic

NYC groups that organize animal adoptions from around the world say COVID-19 travel restrictions have made international transportation costly where not impossible.

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How the Pandemic Pause on Free Spay and Neuter Clinics Led to a Cat-astrophe

A months-long ASPCA halt on procedures to prevent pregnancies among New York City’s roaming cats has helped fuel a kitten explosion. Meanwhile, some owners have abandoned their pets.


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