Andrew Cuomo

The former governor won’t say if he voted for Letitia James, but he’s got lots to say about how the Democratic Party has lost the script on crime as he says people tell him they “are afraid of the feeling I get in the city,” and much more.
The idea’s been kicked around by politicians and transit advocates for years but never tried in the U.S. Here’s a guide on what it all means, whom it will affect — and when we may actually see it in New York.
New York cut nearly a third of state-run psychiatric hospital beds for children, pledging to reinvest the funds in outpatient measures. There’s no evidence it worked.
In 2015, Andrew Cuomo vowed to overhaul the state’s clemency process, but never followed through. Now, thousands of petitions offer a test of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s commitment to “improving justice.” Here are the stories of three incarcerated men making pitches for freedom.
When the governor got hit with sexual harassment allegations, CNN host Chris Cuomo and current and former gubernatorial aides quietly crafted a plan to discredit accusers, according to newly released interviews, emails and text messages.
The now-former governor’s senior team had underlings help with his literary payday as thousands died of COVID last year, a long-awaited report from the state Assembly finds. While probers give him a virtual pass on the nursing home death undercount, they confirm two cases of sexual harassment.
Newly released transcripts offer a glimpse into the governor’s defiant, Clintonesque defense as probers grilled him about sexual harassment allegations. Meanwhile, 10 women testified about their experience with his administration.
Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul, Letitia James and Bill de Blasio were among the pols making the scene at the annual Somos conference, where alliances are sealed. Meanwhile, a Council member fighting for his Brooklyn seat was jockeying for speaker.
Three of New York’s biggest real estate companies are making billion-dollar wagers that pandemic-spurred remote working will give way to a return to buildings. But can they fill millions of square feet of space amid an office glut?
A complaint filed in Albany means a Nov. 17 court date for the former governor, who resigned in disgrace following a report detailing multiple harassment allegations. District attorneys in three other New York counties have requested investigators’ files.
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The first Latino chief prosecutor in New York is considering a statewide campaign if AG Letitia James vies for governor. Queens DA Melinda Katz and state Sen. Mike Gianaris are also pondering runs, THE CITY has learned.
The MTA Transformation Plan brought a $4 million consultant’s report, new high-priced executives — and staffing gaps. Now, in the Hochul era, the transit agency is scrapping the plan — and going on a hiring spree to stem bus and subway delays.
The Mets-Willets Point complex — which serves anyone going to Citi Field, the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the Queens Museum or Queens Night Market — is still inaccessible for LIRR passengers who can’t navigate stairs.
Attorney general who took on Cuomo sexual harassment investigation that led to his resignation and Kathy Hochul’s rise pushes back on suggestions she was angling for his job. Sources said James is calling power brokers to test the field.
The MTA’s “Transformation Management Office” is being downsized out of existence as the transit agency confronts staffing shortfalls that have snagged subway and bus trips.
As the new governor begins to put her own imprint on the state’s finances, she’ll have to make a series of decisions that show whether she is prepared to make a sharp break with the policies — and appointees — of the previous administration.
New Gov. Kathy Hochul vowed to speed up the state’s rent relief program. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court struck down the federal eviction moratorium and gutted the state moratorium, which ends Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know.
Taxpayers could be on the hook for up to $5 million in lawyer and public relations contracts inked by the now ex-governor, records show. His successor looking before paying any more bills — including for a firm where one lawyer charges $973 an hour.
In her first day in office, the state’s 57th governor moves to rebuild trust damaged by secrecy and sexual harassment under Andrew Cuomo. On her agenda: cleaning up Albany, speeding up rent and worker aid — and vaccine mandates.
Cuomo calls on his successor to do what he didn’t: make all employers require shots for workers. Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for school employees. Now the pressure’s on Hochul, from Day One.