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Andrew Cuomo

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How Does Congestion Pricing Work? What to Know About the Toll System Taking Manhattan

The idea’s been kicked around by politicians and transit advocates for years but never tried in the U.S. Here’s a guide on what it all means, whom it will affect — and when we may actually see it in New York.

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Cuomo’s $4 Million MTA Job-Cutting Effort Derailed Weeks After His Departure

The MTA’s "Transformation Management Office" is being downsized out of existence as the transit agency confronts staffing shortfalls that have snagged subway and bus trips.

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Hochul Faces $5 Billion Choice as Tax Boost Arrives Amid Cuomo Unemployment Debt

As the new governor begins to put her own imprint on the state’s finances, she’ll have to make a series of decisions that show whether she is prepared to make a sharp break with the policies — and appointees — of the previous administration.

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Eviction Protection in New York is Much Weaker as Moratorium End Nears. Here’s Why

New Gov. Kathy Hochul vowed to speed up the state’s rent relief program. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court struck down the federal eviction moratorium and gutted the state moratorium, which ends Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hochul Reviewing Legal Bills Racked Up by Cuomo’s Office in Harassment and Nursing Home Probes

Taxpayers could be on the hook for up to $5 million in lawyer and public relations contracts inked by the now ex-governor, records show. His successor looking before paying any more bills — including for a firm where one lawyer charges $973 an hour.

New Governor Kathy Hochul to New Yorkers: You Can Trust Me

In her first day in office, the state’s 57th governor moves to rebuild trust damaged by secrecy and sexual harassment under Andrew Cuomo. On her agenda: cleaning up Albany, speeding up rent and worker aid — and vaccine mandates.

Vaccination Mandate Battle Awaits Kathy Hochul as She Ascends to Governor

Cuomo calls on his successor to do what he didn’t: make all employers require shots for workers. Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for school employees. Now the pressure’s on Hochul, from Day One.

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New York’s New Governor Kathy Hochul Takes Charge in Crisis Mode

Andrew Cuomo leaves more than scandal in his wake. The first woman to lead the state will need to move quickly on repairing the sputtering rent relief system, dealing with the soon-to-expire evictions moratorium and, now, storm cleanup from Henri.

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Cuomo’s Rent Relief ‘Mess’ Awaits Hochul as Tenants and Landlords Unite Over Aid Bungle

The state has paid out less than 5% of the $2.7 billion available, with any undistributed money likely to go back to the feds. Meanwhile, building owners and residents are at odds over a possible extension of the state’s eviction moratorium.

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Cuomo Impeachment Inquiry Dropped by State Assembly. Could He Run Again?

Speaker Carl Heastie says lawmakers don’t have authority to impeach a departed governor — and that ongoing state and federal probes as well as criminal investigations will deliver accountability. But some legislators were stunned by the move.


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Governor-in-Waiting Kathy Hochul Prepares to Ascend. She Just Needs Cuomo to Leave

In an unprecedented move, the governor says he won’t step down until Aug. 24 — spurring some watchdog groups to warn of "Cuomo’s 14 days of mischief." What does the transition of power have in store for his replacement?

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Hochul’s Past Push to Arrest Immigrants Resurfaces as She Readies to Replace Cuomo

The governor-to-be says she’s "evolved" since fighting driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers. Advocates for immigrants say they’ll be watching how she wields her power to judge how much she’s changed.

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Cuomo’s Exit Could Kick Off Game of Political Musical Chairs for Governor’s Seat and More

The governor’s office, up for grabs next year, seems likely to draw a bevy of candidates. Judging from the previous electoral shake-ups, posts across the city and state could be changing hands.

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How Cuomo Influenced New York Schools, From COVID to ‘Free College’

In over a decade in office, the outgoing governor clashed with Mayor Bill de Blasio, revealed an aggressive reform agenda only to pull back in the face of backlash — and resisted massive increases in education spending only to relent.

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Many of Cuomo’s Big Transit Projects Remain Divisive, Incomplete

The governor portrayed himself as the second coming of master builder Robert Moses and ruled the MTA with an iron fist. As he’s set to depart office with a host of transportation projects in flux, transit advocates say some should be scrapped.

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Cuomo’s Triumphs and Unfinished Business as He Quits Under a Cloud

The governor arrived in office in 2011 with an agenda aimed at bolstering New York State. Some of his promises — from marriage equality to minimum wage to supportive housing and more — came to fruition, while others remain outstanding.

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Cuomo Resigns After Harassment Findings Obliterate Support, Leaving Legacy of Ambition and Aggression

The political survivor could no longer hold on after abandonment by close advisors and top Democrats, as impeachment hearings loomed. Kathy Hochul will be New York’s next governor — and the first woman to lead the state.

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Who is Kathy Hochul? Meet New York’s Incoming, History-Making Governor

The lieutenant governor once represented Andrew Cuomo all over the state. Now the former Congress member from Buffalo is set to become the state’s first female governor Aug. 24.

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Governor’s Ouster Could Spur Quick MTA Board Shake-Up, Thanks to Law He Backed

A state public authorities law change the governor pushed in 2019 says the term of any board member should expire with that of the elected official who recommended them. But it’s unclear what happens if an official is abruptly removed from office.

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Inside Cuomo’s ‘Hotel California’ for Albany Aides: You Can Never Leave

As the governor fought sexual harassment allegations, some former employees who went to the private sector still worked privately for him — reportedly helping craft media strategies and discredit some of his accusers. Here’s why.