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Pyramid Scheme: Critics Question Why Transit Spaces are ‘Hostile’ to Humans

A trio of wooden pyramids, erected atop flat metal security bollards in front Penn Station, are among examples around the city and transit system of what some call "cruel" public design features that make homeless people uncomfortable.

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MTA to Get Slim Slice of Federal Infrastructure Bill as Cars Outpace Mass Transit

The nation’s largest transit agency would reap about 1.9% of the planned $550 billion nationwide spending on transportation, which some critics say continues to focus too heavily on roads and highways.

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Queens Neighbors Cloudy on Multi-Billion Sunnyside Yard Plan

Locals question how the city and Amtrak will fund the proposed affordable-housing development built atop a deck over the rail hub.

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Governor’s Penn Station Overhaul Plan Lacks Tunnel Vision

Cuomo’s proposal to expand the rail hub by demolishing a city block and adding eight tracks avoids long-sought new tunnel to handle extra trains.

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Anti-Amazon Pols Signal Concerns Over Sunnyside Yards Plans

Fighting EDC again, a coalition that includes Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rails against another Queens "mega-project" a neighborhood over from LIC.


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