Alvin Bragg

Developer Mark Caller, who is expected to face charges of providing a bargain-rate apartment to the mayor’s former buildings commissioner, raised nearly $50,000 for the Adams campaign.
The groups will implement hyperlocal programs for at-risk youth in gun violence hotspots.
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg indicted a group he says hoped to purchase power in an Adams administration by gaming public matching funds.
Prosecutors cited alleged threats to Comptroller Brad Lander’s staff, in rare city use of state law that allows authorities to remove firearms from people considered potential risks for violence
At least one judge has already rejected the argument, noting that “failing to seek a license before roaming the streets with a loaded firearm is not abiding by the law” and that “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”
Tracy McCarter won a small concession from prosecutors, but the case drags on despite the new progressive district attorney’s labeling her charges “unjust” while looking to woo voters.
Jail admissions keep pace with predecessor Cy Vance while bail amounts go up — prompting demands for the new district attorney to shake up the office.
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