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NYPD Crime Response Time Still Lags Three Months Post-Protest

A review by THE CITY finds police take a full minute longer than a year ago to respond to shootings and other crisis incidents, while ambulances now arrive faster than before.

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New York City Quietly Activates 911 Text-Message System Amid George Floyd Protests

City Hall had said the interim 911 set-up would be ready by early 2018. But the upgrade was plagued by technical glitches and inter-departmental squabbling.

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City Hall Makes $147.5 Million Call on Overhauling 911

The firm enlisted by the de Blasio administration is already behind and over budget on creating a temporary text option for emergency callers.

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San Antonio ‘Crisis Cops’ Deliver NYPD Lessons on Dealing with Mentally Ill

New HBO documentary about Texas city’s approach to 911 calls where mental health plays role is shown to New York cops amid plans for policing reforms.

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City’s Delayed Response on 911 Overhaul Declared an Emergency

Lawmakers and advocates demand action, saying snagged plans for a temporary texting system and a comprehensive digital upgrade put lives at risk.

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Mayor’s Mental Health Crisis Response Offers Weak Dose of Care, Advocates Warn

The father of cop shooting victim Saheed Vassell welcomed a test sending clinicians on 911 calls. Others express "shock" reforms don’t go farther.

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No More EDPs: NYPD’s Emergency Plan to Deal with Mentally Ill New Yorkers

Cops will start teaming with mental health workers on 911 calls and will no longer refer to "EDPs" under reforms aimed at stemming bloodshed.

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City’s Delayed Response Time Threatens to Snag 911 Overhaul

Two-plus years in, officials haven’t picked a firm to digitize the emergency system — meaning a delay to at least mid-2024, THE CITY has learned.

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Text-to-911 Caught in Life-or-Death Battle Between NYPD and Tech Agency

Delays in new emergency technology stem from bitter standoffs over system testing failures and how much human help computers need to catch all calls.

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Long-Promised Power to Text 911 Still Hasn’t Arrived on the Scene

Missing a forecast early-2018 debut, the city lacks a life-saving emergency communications service in place in much of the state.


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The Bronx Is Waiting: Police Dispatch Times Highest in the City

IBO analysis of precinct dispatch times hit about 8 minutes in Highbridge and Wakefield — more than twice the citywide average, which is on the rise.