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Proposal for ‘5Pointz Towers’ Library May Have Sad Ending

Queens library officials signal interest in community board’s 11th-hour demand, but the developer of the old graffiti art site isn’t on the same page.

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LIC Community Board Changes Colors on ‘5Pointz’ Towers After Library Added

Community Board 2 had twice shot down the proposal to develop a 1,000+ luxury apartments on the famed former street art space in Queens.

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Community Board Pans Bulked-Up Plans for 5Pointz Towers

The board nixed a last-minute add-on of 100 units and two stories to the former street art site after an unusual private meeting with the developer.

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Queens Community Board Holds Private Meeting With 5Pointz Developer

Artists blast restaurant get-together ahead of a deadline for input on the latest plan to build luxury apartment towers at the former graffiti mecca.

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Developers Hope to Draw Artists Back to Queens’ 5Pointz

After the whitewashing of the Long Island City graffiti mecca spurred a lawsuit, owners want artists at the planned luxury apartment complex.


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