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Wall Street Rent Fight Spurs New Class-Action Suit as Landlord Seeks SCOTUS Help

Tenants in a big Financial District apartment building are pushing for rent-stabilized leases they say are owed in exchange for a tax break.

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Landlord Looks to Supreme Court in Downtown Rent Overcharge Fight

Lawyers for Clipper Equity have asked the high court to review a June ruling by the NYS Court of Appeals, which found tenants were due rebates.

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Lower Manhattan Tenants Sue for Refunds Over Landlord Tax Break Abuse

Residents claim 10 Hanover Square owner overcharged them while reaping lucrative benefits. They’re among thousands who may be due years of back rent.

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Downtown Tenants and Landlords Skirmish Over Rent Reset

As residents learn they’re entitled to rent cuts and refunds tied to a tax break, some landlords try to keep the upper hand.

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More Tenants Fighting for Back Rent After Downtown Ruling

Residents at one building head for a potential payday as others get ready to join the battle after judge finds against landlords who got tax breaks.

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Tenants of 6,000 Downtown Apartments May Be Owed Back Rent

A ruling centering on a 1995 tax break deal will allow some Lower Manhattan renters to seek stabilized leases and up to six years of overpayments.


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