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30th Street Shelter

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De Blasio Vows to Break Up NYC Homeless Shelter Crowds

The mayor reacted after photos THE CITY obtained showed social distancing nightmares at two facilities — scenes one official called "heartbreaking."

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Homeless Sent from Subways to Social Distancing Nightmares

Pictures show a human sprawl along the stairs at Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter. A similar scene was captured at a Wards Island facility.

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NYC Shuttles Homeless Men from Subway to Packed Shelter

Amid the overnight train shutdown, caravans take men to Manhattan’s notorious 30th St. Shelter where social distancing to stop coronavirus is elusive.

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Too Close for Comfort Inside NYC’s Biggest Homeless Shelter

Coronavirus cases grow in shelters across the city where most guards still don’t have masks. The 30th Street Men’s Shelter offers a troubling picture.

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NYC’s Biggest Shelter Plagued by Asbestos and Other Dangers

Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter, which houses up to 850 homeless, is rife with code violations that include fire safety hazards, records show.


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