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Meet Your Mayor: Our Quiz Tells You Which Candidates Best Match Your Positions on the Issues

THE CITY asked City Hall contenders where they stand on tough decisions affecting the future of New York City — and invites you to see which candidates align with your own responses to the same questions

SHARE Meet Your Mayor: Our Quiz Tells You Which Candidates Best Match Your Positions on the Issues
SHARE Meet Your Mayor: Our Quiz Tells You Which Candidates Best Match Your Positions on the Issues

Voters of New York City: It’s nearly time to pick a nominee to be the next mayor, as the June 22 primary vote approaches. Since March, THE CITY has been presenting the candidates’ positions issue by issue. Meet Your Mayor shows you how the candidates’ stands fit with your take on what matters most to New Yorkers.

Now Meet Your Mayor: Ultimate Match combines all 15 topics into one mega-quiz.

Meet Your Mayor: Ultimate Match

Meet Your Mayor: Ultimate Match

Candidates for NYC mayor told us where they stand on 15 big issues. Now you can pick your positions and see which contenders are the right ones for you.

Answer a few short multiple choice questions on some of the most pressing matters facing the city — from COVID recovery to public school admissions to NYPD discipline and much more.

The candidates have already answered the same questions. 

Voila: Meet Your Mayor will reveal your best match or matches among the candidates, along with glimpses of how they say they will govern, via excerpts from their public comments. And you can share the results, if you like.

You can answer all 61 of the questions we put to the candidates or select just the ones that interest you. Either way, Meet Your Mayor: Ultimate Match will present you with a list of your top candidate picks based on your answers to the same questions they responded to, which you can take with you to the polls or share on social media.

A few notes about how this works

  • Unlike actual New York City mayoral primaries, Meet Your Mayor is nonpartisan, including both Democratic and Republican candidates. You may then vote only for candidates within your own party in the primary.
  • We sent three multiple-choice surveys with five topics each to every Democratic and Republican on the ballot, starting in February. Out of 15 candidates, 11 responded to all or nearly all questions. Eric Adams responded to the first survey but not to the second or third. Fernando Mateo responded to the first and third. Ray McGuire and Isaac Wright did not respond to any of the surveys. THE CITY assigned positions to Adams, Mateo and McGuire based on their public statements where possible, but their missing responses on many questions makes a match with either of them less likely.


Meet Your Mayor posted new topics throughout the spring, which you can still access individually here:

Meet Your Mayor links

Find your matches:


  • Your selections on Meet Your Mayor are entirely private. THE CITY will not see or retain any information about your responses to questions or the candidates you match with.
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  • If you have any questions, email info@thecity.nyc

Being mayor of New York means making many tough decisions. We hope Meet Your Mayor makes voting for one (or two or three or four or five) candidates just a little bit easier.