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LISTEN: The Mayor’s Magical Thinking

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Eric Adams wearing mask during his run for mayorr

Hiram Alejandro Durán/THE CITY

Eric Adams is done with Covid, but Covid may not be done with New York City. The FAQ NYC hosts dig into that and much more in a post-Labor Day, return-of-the-school-year episode.

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The Latest
The Adams administration killed the plan to create bus-only lanes along one of the city’s slowest mass-transit thoroughfares in the face of local business and political opposition.
The Campaign Finance Board flagged 600 donations suspected of having been gathered by undisclosed bundlers in potential violation of campaign finance rules. Several of the contributions figure in a recent indictment by the Manhattan DA.
Michael Mazzio, co-owner of Mike’s Heavy Duty Towing, was indicted on corruption and collusion charges in 2018, long before he was busted again for allegedly bribing mayoral adviser Eric Ulrich.
About 40% of the more than 113,000 migrants who have arrived in the five boroughs since last year hail from the South American country, per estimates from City Hall.