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LISTEN: Will Lee Zeldin Defund the MTA?

The City senior reporter and bona fide train knower Jose Martinez joins FAQ to break down the gubernatorial race’s very high, yet hardly noticed, stakes for the already troubled future of the city’s circulatory system.

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Katie Honan/THE CITY

“The transit system is coming out of a really rough two years. It’s still got a steep mountain to climb in terms of regaining ridership, in terms of beefing up its revenues, in terms of keeping a safe and reliable system in order,” explains Martinez, as Zeldin has vowed to abandon the existing congestion pricing plan as governor, punching a $15 billion hole into the MTA’s budget in the process.

“That’s really at the heart of all of this stuff: In New York City, this is how we move or a lot of us still move. It’s how the city is wired. And if you don’t have a circulatory system that’s healthy, whether you’re a human or a transit system, that’s that’s not a good thing.”

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