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Aug 1, 2021, 10:02pm EDT
  • September 3

    Mayor’s Map Showed Most of Ida’s Victims Lived Where Rainfall Was Riskiest

    Locations flagged in May match spots where basement apartment-dwellers drowned in flash floods Wednesday night. De Blasio says he’s accelerating alerts in advance of heavy rains.

  • September 3

    Ida-Deluged NYC Drainage System All But Forgotten in Climate Battle

    Recent projects have expanded sewer capacity in some neighborhoods. But antiquated storm pipes leave the city vulnerable to the new normal of massive rain storms. "We need to rainproof New York City," one expert said.

  • September 3

    How to Clean Up After Ida: A Guide for the Flooded

    What you should know about safely putting your place back together, where to look for financial help and whether renters insurance covers flood damage. (Answer: Rarely.)

  • September 2

    NYC Basement Apartment Storm Deaths Renew Housing Advocates’ Calls for Legalization 

    With the de Blasio administration’s basement conversion pilot program stalled, tenants whose homes were just devastated by Hurricane Ida could be evicted just for seeking help.

  • September 2

    Food Delivery Workers Toiling Through Historic Flooding Call Skimpy Wages and Tips ‘A Cruel Joke’

    Even as the city shut down amid record rainfall, e-bike couriers kept picking up food for paltry pay — including $5 for an hour-long journey from Astoria to Brooklyn. Los Deliveristas Unidos members renewed their demands for better treatment.

  • September 2

    Historic Deadly Rains Put Spotlight on City’s Lack of Preparation

    The record-breaking deluge that pummeled the city overnight Wednesday revealed weaknesses in the city’s infrastructure and planning following the second historic weather event in less than two weeks.

  • September 2

    As MTA Subways Weather ‘100-Year Storms’ Every Month, ‘New Solutions’ Sought

    The third major storm to soak the city since July once again turned some subway stations into a default sewer system. It marked the latest frightening example of the mass transit system’s vulnerability to extreme weather — which is becoming the norm.

  • August 1

    When Climate Change Comes Knocking at Your Door, It’s Best to Be Prepared

    What would you do if you got caught in a flash flood? Events this summer in New York City and around the world have offered new stark — and wet — reminders that the global environmental crisis could land in your backyard at any minute.

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