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New Yorkers Give de Blasio His Marching Orders

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor Bill de Blasio rides a subway downtown, Sept. 20, 2019.
Photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

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New Yorkers appeared united Friday in their lack of surprise over Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to drop out of the presidential race — and shared ongoing puzzlement over why he ran in the first place.

There’s a variety of strong ideas, though, on notions of where the mayor should focus his energy, post-campaign.

Our team fanned out across boroughs and asked city dwellers the same question: “Now that Mayor de Blasio is out of the presidential race, what is the number one thing he can do for you and your neighborhood?”

Here’s a sampling of responses:

New Yorkers on Bill de Blasio ending his presidential run.
Maria R. thinks de Blasio’s doing a good job.
Christine Chung/THE CITY

Maria R., 46, lives in Forest Hills, Queens. She says that she supported the mayor’s presidential bid but now wants him to “keep being the mayor” and focus on public schools. “Everything is working out well, continue that,” she said.

New Yorkers on Mayor Bill de Blasio dropping out of the presidential race.
Mygod Kelley makes kids a priority.
Ese Olumhense/THE CITY

Mygod Kelley, 36, is from Highbridge, The Bronx. The father of four does carpentry and wants the mayor to think of the future. “We need more for the children,” he said. “We’ve gotta engage the community: basketball programs, football, scholarship programs, mentorship program, something. Get them off the trains after school and into programs.”

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