Anonymous pigeon

(Update: Meet Nellie: New York’s Newest Icon!)

A few weeks ago, we asked our future readers to help us name our pigeon (and sign up for our newsletter). Well, our pigeon-naming campaign is flying high, with nearly 5,000 entries so far.

Here are a few of the more, um, interesting ones:

  • There was no shortage of puns… like: Notorious P.I.G.E.O.N., Coo Tang Clan, Rudy Coo-liani
  • Names with “Rat” and “Pizza” in the title were very common (Winged Rat, Pizza Rat and Winged Pizza Rat, among them).
  • And, of course, the tired meme of Something MeSomethingFace: Pigeon MePigeonFace, Pidgey McPidgeyface, Birdy MeBirdface and other variations.

Thanks to our many fine-feathered friends for your ideas!

There’s still just a little more time to suggest a moniker for New York’s newest icon. So, if you haven’t yet, enter your candidate below by April 7.

The next day, we’ll reveal the Final Four, picked by our internal selection committee – and leave the final vote to the people.

Submit your entry now – and feel free to sign up for THE CITY’s newsletter while you’re at it.