Mark Alan Stamaty’s visual novel MacDoodle Street—the story of, among other things, dishwashing poet Malcolm Frazzle that first appeared in the pages of the Village Voice in the late 1970s—is back in print thanks to the fine nerds of the New York Review of Books. Buy it now, thank us later!

Stamaty’s New York, 1979

Bill Bramhall, editorial cartoonist for the Daily News, joined Harry Siegel and Alex Brook Lynn for a conversation with Stamaty about his work, God, drugs, those hacks Artman and Andy Warhol, donuts and love, and, of course, umbilical oralism and the ultimate painting.

Bramhall’s New York, 2019

In the spirit of his work, there are tangents within tangents — Emmylou Harris, maybe, helping a drunk Dave Van Ronk up from the sidewalk of MacDougal Street after a Kris Kristofferson show — as we stroll through the lost New York of MacDoodle Street without ever leaving Alex’s Bleaker Street apartment.

Bleecker Street

And while we’re on tangents, here’s a video about Bramhall’s World that Pearl Gabel made for the News a few years ago.

YouTube video