New Public Advocate-elect Jumaane Williams called Christina Greer just before the polls closed to discuss his vision for the office—and why there needs to be an investigation of how his sealed police records from a decade-old domestic dispute ended up dropping days before the election:

I do think (the NYPD) should investigate… it’s important to figure out how this happened because some of things that (came out) were supposed to be destroyed. And this is a question that people ask about databases and what have you—that they say get destroyed after a certain time period. Maybe that’s not true. Maybe people have a right to be concerned about the type of databases that the Department is keeping on New Yorkers.

Courtesy of the great Steven Romalewski of the Center for Urban Research at the City University of New York Graduate Center

Plus Gotham Gazette Executive Editor and Max and Murphy co-host Ben Max visits the FAQ crew to break midnight breaking down the results, and what they mean for NYC and the players in its long game of political musical chairs.