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NYPD Brass Springs Ex-Cop After Arrest for Allegedly Chasing Brooklyn Kids With a Gun

Community Affairs Chief Jeffrey Maddrey intervened to void the case of a retired officer accused of pursuing three boys with a pistol after their basketball hit a security camera, sources say. "They were terrified," says an aunt of two of the children.

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Homeless Youth Get on Fast Track to Housing With New Council Bills

Young people sleeping in New York’s youth homeless shelters and those leaving foster care will soon have direct access to housing vouchers, thanks to a pair of bills the City Council passed Tuesday.

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Who Are NYPD’s New ‘Youth Coordination Officers’ Headed to Schools?

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NYCHA Child Care Centers Plagued by Unsanitary and Unsafe Conditions, Operators Say

Providers say they shoulder costs for heating and repairs — and have concerns for the children in their care. Some 400 child care centers are housed in buildings operated by NYCHA, a system beset by lead, mold and other woes.

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Homeless Youth Would Get an Easier Path to Housing Help, Under City Council Bill 

New Yorkers in youth homeless shelters would finally get credit for time spent there instead of having to enter the chaotic and dangerous adult system to receive housing vouchers.

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All Young Students Will Get Literacy Screening This School Year. Then What?

Educators hope sizing up reading skills for nearly 200,000 K-2 students will help catch those who need extra help. Yet many reasons why kids fall behind early persist.

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De Blasio Touts Bronx Playground Fix as Bigger Plan Falls Short on Money

The mayor vowed to overhaul nearly 90 shuttered play spaces at public housing developments after THE CITY revealed dire conditions. But the $7 million he’s earmarked won’t come close to covering the major job ahead.

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Homeless Youth Finally Get Rent Help, But Aid Could be Fleeting

Young people won’t have to automatically go to an adult shelter to become eligible for permanent housing help, thanks to new city and federal new direct rental assistance. But the first-come, first-served efforts are limited.

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Will NYC’s Mayoral Wannabes Listen to Young New Yorkers?

The pandemic and last year’s racial justice protests ignited increased youth interest in local politics. Whether or not they can vote, young New Yorkers want their priorities heard this election season.


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